Mother cows kill humans when defending their calves

It is commonplace to read stories in the newspaper of mother cows defending their calves by attacking perceived intruders aggressively.…

2 months ago

Violent urban monkey killed a man and injured 10 others in India

There is a monkey problem in India. Humans have built settlements on their habitat so they invade the places where…

1 year ago

Following an earthquake frightened Giant Panda hugs policeman

The picture says it all. Mammals are very similar to us both physiologically and mentally. Yes, there are big differences…

1 year ago

Pet viper drinks water from a bottle held by owner

Awesome. Weird. Strange and interesting. This is a pet viper. Wow.

1 year ago

An unintended consequence of widespread spaying and neutering of domestic cats

There is an unintended, potential consequence, in the long term, of near 100% spaying and neutering of domestic cats. 100%…

1 year ago

Stray Female Cat Defends Her Kittens Against Men But Not Women

Video screenshot showing stray cat attacking man outside market in Istanbul   This interesting video shows a female stray cat,…

1 year ago

Some Humans Are Sensitive To Earth’s Magnetic Field

The likelihood that humans can detect the Earth's magnetic field is a discovery of a new human sense. It is…

1 year ago