Alsatian and crow are best mates!

P.S. I think this is a crow but it might be a bird of the crow family. And I think…

5 days ago

Border collies most in need of behavior therapy due to boredom

We are told that the much loved border collie is sent for behavior therapy more often than any other dog…

5 days ago

Kim Basinger at an anti-dog meat rally in Seoul, Korea

The actress Kim Basinger joined animal-rights activists at an anti-dog meat protest in South Korea near the National Assembly in…

1 week ago

Paralysed dog gets his wheels

A dog story told in a short video where words are not required. So I'll shut up. Many dogs have…

2 weeks ago

Reunited with dog after a concerted six-year search

This sort of reunion happens, I have to admit that, but often it's not with such persistence of purpose in…

2 weeks ago

Korean dog meat market closes because of criticism and changing tastes

Gupo Livestock Market, Korea. Photo by Flickr photographer Korean Dogs. The Times newspaper reports that criticism and changing tastes have…

3 weeks ago

Animals are a potent political force in America where 68% of homes have a pet

Donald Trump is missing out on a bit of political juice; he is the first American president in more than…

3 weeks ago

FDA says some dog foods might cause heart disease

The FDA has isolated 16 brands of dog food (listed below) which are linked with heart disease, specifically dilated cardiomyopathy…

3 weeks ago

Dog trapped for six weeks on 550 foot cliff eating seaweed

A dog who'd been lost for six weeks has finally been found having survived on seaweed and moisture from stones…

3 weeks ago

Canine and human troops perform stretching exercises on International Yoga Day

Canine and human troops perform stretching exercises on International Yoga Day.

1 month ago