Poppy the mountain gorilla in Rwanda has died aged about 43

Poppy could only be described as beautiful, with large, soft dark-brown eyes framed by long delicate eyelashes.

2 months ago

Woman saves piglet’s bacon after fall from truck

One piglet fell from the truck and was injured as expected. A woman helped to search for the piglet beside…

2 months ago

Why do foxes polarise opinions?

I can't tell you how often I have spoken to a neighbour about foxes when they've told me that they…

3 months ago

Pukeko Poo On Her Machine Gun

When the police show compassion for animals it is great to see and good for the police forces. People like…

4 months ago

Dying chimpanzee’s emotional reunion with human friend Gravely ill female chimpanzee meets old friend and morale improves This is a very well-known video and you can…

4 months ago