Shaza Morani – a celebrity in India who supports animal welfare

Shaza Morani is the daughter of India's renowned producer Karim Morani and his wife Zara Morani. Her sister, Zoa, is…

1 week ago

Shraddha Kapoor promotes animal welfare on her Instagram account

I have become an instant fan of Shraddha Kapoor. She is a wealthy, beautiful and educated Indian actress living in…

1 week ago

An escapologist bear who loves his freedom

This is the story of a bear named Papillion, so named after the successful film which features the near impossible…

2 weeks ago

Camera trap video: fox eating food with homeopathic treatment for mange

The homeopathic mange treatments for foxes that I am using are Psorinum and Arsenicum & Sulphur. I have yet to…

2 weeks ago

Glossy wildlife film documentaries can cover up the realities

Wildlife documentary makers do wonderful work. The quality of their filming is astonishing sometimes. It looks unbelievable and sometimes it…

2 weeks ago

Brilliant dog rescue will have you on the edge of your seat

Screenshot from video. This is a real struggle. They succeed in the end. I just love the way these guys…

1 month ago

Robotic pets are better than the real thing for elderly people with dementia at care homes

It was a little surprising to me that it is been found through research that robo-pets can help tackle loneliness…

10 months ago

Poppy the mountain gorilla in Rwanda has died aged about 43

Poppy could only be described as beautiful, with large, soft dark-brown eyes framed by long delicate eyelashes.

1 year ago

Woman saves piglet’s bacon after fall from truck

One piglet fell from the truck and was injured as expected. A woman helped to search for the piglet beside…

1 year ago

Why do foxes polarise opinions?

I can't tell you how often I have spoken to a neighbour about foxes when they've told me that they…

1 year ago