Animal rights campaigners protest outside Mick’s Grade A Meats

Animal rights protestors including a blind man clashed with shoppers outside Mick's Grade A Meats at Moor Market, Sheffield.

2 months ago

Meat is the new coal – vegans smell victory in the retreat from meat

The retreat from meat has traction. "Meat is the new coal", said Jeremy Coller, the founder of Coller Capital, a…

2 months ago

Red-blooded meat burgers under attack from bleeding plant burgers in the US

In America, the average American eats 4.4 burgers a week. However, over concerns for their health and the environment the…

2 months ago

Vegan sausages to be called ‘tubes’ and burgers ‘discs’

A revision of the EU's common agricultural policy would lead to vegan sausages being called 'tubes' and vegan burgers described…

3 months ago

If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, Everyone Would Be Vegetarian

I can't show the video because it would be in violation of Google Adsense's policy but there it is. So…

5 months ago