4 good dog coats for Christmas (infographic)

Today, news media discusses if and when it is too cold to walk your dog. The weather is very cold at the moment in the UK and as temperatures plunge dog owners need to question what they might do to make going for a walk more acceptable for their dog.

This got me thinking (dangerous πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ) and I produced an infographic featuring 4 top reviewed dog coats with fleece linings and a reflective strip or logo. The criteria for me were that the coat had to be reflective, and they had to be a fleece lining of some sort. Fleece is the best to keep warm and I think a reflective strip or logo is important in order to see your dog on those dusky evenings.

Dog Coats infographic
Dog coats. Selected from Amazon. There are links to Amazon below the infographic. Prepared by MikeB at PoC.

Clearly, dogs are at a risk of hypothermia and even frostbite under very cold conditions. It depends on the circumstances. However, when I walk in Richmond Park, I see a lot of dogs with coats and therefore their caregivers are demonstrating to me that they’re concerned about keeping their dog warm.

Links to the coats

  1. IREENUO Dog Coat, Waterproof Dog Raincoat
  2. TFENG Reflective Dog Jacket
  3. RUFFWEAR Lumenglow High-Vis Jacket
  4. RC GearPro Waterproof Fleece Cold Weather Pet Vest

Body size, surface area

The size of a dog has an impact upon how effectively they retain body heat. The larger the dog the warmer they will be and, conversely, the smaller the dog the colder they will get in very cold temperatures. This because of the surface area to body ratio dictates heat retention. And of course, there’s the issue of fur.

Double coats

Double-layered thick coated dogs such as the Siberian Husky are going to be highly cold-resistant. Conversely, dogs such as greyhounds and German shorthaired pointers with thin coats are going to have difficulty in maintaining body heat under these very cold conditions. Clearly, a fitted coat is applicable to the latter and less applicable to the former.

Dogs like to dive into water. Under these conditions that might cause health issues. Perhaps being on lead near water is the answer.

The cold weather in the UK is going to last for about a week it seems. I don’t see great problems with keeping dogs warm especially if you are taking them on a brisk walk and they are nicely clothed in an appropriate coat such as those featured on this page in the infographic.

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